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Deal directly with Owner:  DuPont Investment Recovery of Wilmington, Delaware
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Siemens PCS7 Controls System

Surplus Siemens PCS7 Controls System - (v7.1) includes

(1)    OS server w/ client licensing and ABB SCSI Rovysis interface

(1)    Engineering workstation and licensing for continuous control and sequencing (no batch or safety)

(1)    Floating EWS license

(1)    Quad screen Client workstation

(1)    Cabinet with full redundant AS417H controllers, System,Terminal, and profibus hardware, Scalance switches, dual power supply, and one Input/Output card of each type with cabinet and terminination units mounted in rear of cabinet.  Dual doors on each side of fan vented cabinet.

Numerous additional software for developing interface to Siemens hardware as well as ABB Infinet.

Full documentation… Current upgrade licensing maintained … not installed...This system was equipped to use the current Siemens technology at the time for fully understanding how to program and develop regulatory control for our process. It was additionally licensed and configured for providing an operator interface from PCS7 to ABB to allow for the co-existence of PCS7 native control and ABB DCS
Age 2010.  Condition - very good

Location: Kinston, NC
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Condition Very Good

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DuPont Investment Recovery
Wilmington , Delaware
+1 (302) 999-3671
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Deal directly with Owner:  DuPont Investment Recovery of Wilmington, Delaware