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FEI Tecnia G2 30 S-TWIN, TEM, 300KeV with LaB6 filament

FEI Tecnia G2 30 S-TWIN: 300KeV LaB6 transmission electron microscope, volume imaging tool for semiconductor applications.  Also, can be used for biological samples.

Configuration :
  • CompuStage Single-tilt Holder   1ea. 
  • CompuStage Low-background Double-tilt Holder  2ea.
  • Gatan US1000 P (2k x 2k) Digital Camera on the microscope
  • Alignments for 300Kev and 200KeV but no alignments for 120KeV
  • Magnification Calibration Package  
  • Support PC
  • TEM Scripting  
  • LaB6 emitter (Denka / Mitsui)  
  • TMP and TMP Vacuum Software  

Cold idle in Lab.


S/N: 30TN6S / D906

FP 5032/20            Tecnai G2 30 S-TWIN

The Tecnai G2 30 S-TWIN is a 300 kV Transmission Electron Microscope. It is a high-resolution microscope, optimized for complete material characterization by combining analytical and imaging capabilities, and optimized tilt performance with ease of operation in all modes (TEM / STEM and analytical modes).


The Tecnai G2 TEM’s are equipped with the most advanced operating system currently available in the market of TEM systems, i.e. the Windows XP operating system. In the unique Tecnai concept, all microscope components, like the electron gun, the optical elements, the vacuum system and the stage, are completely digitally controlled. The task-oriented user interface allows users to automatically recall all optimized operating conditions including lens settings, gun parameters, optical alignments, aperture alignments (optional) for all the different techniques such as TEM, STEM, CBED, Diffraction and Analysis. Likewise, all detectors, such as CCD cameras, STEM detectors, EDS detectors and EELS detectors are computer controlled. Data acquisition, using these detectors, is embedded in the Tecnai G2 user interface and can be automated for acquisition processes, like tomography and spectrum imaging. Because of this sophisticated computer system, Tecnai G2 is especially suited for multi-user and multi-discipline environments.

In addition, the Tecnai G2 systems are equipped with the industry standard, reliable and fast FireWire data transfer technology. The system can be equipped with a single or dual monitor set-up depending on the number of detectors on the system.

Tecnai G2 can easily be connected to a network for exporting data and is ready for remote operation capabilities allowing for operation from an adjacent room and remote viewing during data acquisition.

Tool ID: CON017065

FEI Tecnia G2 30 S-TWIN, TEM, 300KeV with LaB6 filament
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Location: East Fishkill, New York
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer FEI
Model Tecnia G2 30 S-TWIN
Description LaB6 filament operating at 300KeV
Year of Manufacture 2010
Condition Very Good

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Santa Clara , California
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Deal directly with Owner:  GLOBALFOUNDRIES USED EQUIPMENT of Santa Clara, California