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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionSize RangeCass to Cass#PriceNotes Location
MakeModelSet Size
192482 Applied Komatsu Tech 1600PVD Al, Cu, Ti1 F*Malta, New York
195697 Applied Materials 0010-20276100 mmYES1 F*N*Villach, Carinthia
194538 Axcelis/Fusion 200PCU UV CureUV Cure1 F*Singapore,
192338 Canon Anelva C-7100GTPVD Metal Gate Deposition System, Tandem Core1 F*Dresden, Saxony
194728 Canon Anelva C5100GTGate Last Metal Deposition System1 Dresden, Saxony
192942 Carl Zeiss MeRit MG65e-beam mask repair1 F*Burlington, Vermont
178393 E-SUN Systems SEMI AUTO POD CLEANERManufactured in 2008; Status: Cold Shutdown1 Singapore,
190267 Fisher Sci FD400Binder Oven1 Singapore,
178394 Harmotec WPO-67-BManufactured in 2008; Status: Unhooked1 Singapore,
190998 Lesker Aluminum EvaporatorCustom Deposition System1 Burlington, Vermont
195230 MRC Eclipse200mm PVD, Sputtering System1 F*East Fishkill, New York
195231 MRC EclipsePVD Sputtering System1 East Fishkill, New York
181814 Nitto Denko HMT840Manual Defoiler tool200 mm1 Singapore,
189685 Novellus Systems Inova PVDPVD Cu Barrier-Seed system200 mm1 Singapore,
190262 Novellus Systems Inova PVDPVD Cu Barrier-Seed system1 Singapore,
195359 Novellus Systems Inova PVD300mm PVD system1 F*Taichung, Taichung City
195482 Novellus Systems Inova PVD300mm PVD system1 Malta, New York
191188 Santa Clara Plastics 8500Test Wafer Reclaim Bench200 mm1 Singapore,
187642 SCP 8500, 200mm, Wet Bench, Backend, TW Reclaim8500 Wet Bench200 mm1 Singapore,
178727 Speedfam AurigaOxide CMP1 Singapore,
178728 Speedfam AurigaOxide CMP 1 Singapore,
192941 Steag Hamatech ASP - 5500Aqueous Mask Processor, Develop & Bake1 Burlington, Vermont
193142 Steag Hamatech ASP-5000Aqueous Mask Processor, P2 Dvlp only1 Burlington, Vermont
186719 Tokyo Electron Ltd TE 8500PE Oxide Etch200 mm1 Singapore,
180747 Unaxis Clusterline 300UNAXIS(Oerlikon) Clusterline 300, with 1x SE ch...300 mm1 Dresden, SN
178725 USHIO, Inc. UMA-2003no1 Taichung, Taichung City
193103 Westech 372MSTI Oxice CMP system1 Burlington, Vermont
193104 Westech 372M Oxide CMP1 Burlington, Vermont
193105 Westech 372MSTI Oxide CMP1 Burlington, Vermont
193106 Westech 372MSTI Oxide CMP1 F*Burlington, Vermont

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Wafer Production Equipment:
Applied Komatsu Technology, Applied Materials, Inc., Axcelis/Fusion, Canon Anelva, Carl Zeiss, E-SUN Systems, Fisher Scientific, Harmotec, Lesker, Materials Research Corp, Nitto Denko, Novellus Systems, Santa Clara Plastics, Speedfam, Steag Hamatech, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Unaxis, USHIO, Inc., Westech