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Item IDYr MadeItem DescriptionMileageDoorsPassengersBody StyleCondition#PriceNotes Location
»km  mi$
184486 1978 Trailmobile bulk Trailer1 Midland, Michigan
184485 1980 Heil Bulk Trailer1 Midland, Michigan
187025 20002000 Tanker TrailerGood1 F*
187026 20002000 Tanker TrailerGood1 F*
187027 20002000 Tanker TrailerGood1 F*
192817 2010 Freightliner Cascadia1 F*Midland, Michigan
192818 2010 Freightliner Cascadia1 F*Midland, Michigan
184538 200048' Great Dane TrailerFair1 10,000.00 Allentown, PA
184852 1993American Choice Utility T1171 F*Allentown, Pennsylvania
184851 1933American Choice Utility TX021 F*Allentown, PA
194907 Great Dane Trailer/1998/Model GPD-248/Length 48’/Width 102”Good1 Freeport, Texas
184853 2000Great Dane Trailers POUCH1 F*Allentown, PA
195020 Hobbs Trailer/1983/ST/Length 45’/Width 8’ (used surplus)Good1 F*Freeport, Texas
191487 1994Peterbilt T1237Fair1 9,500.00 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
188492 STNTE aluminum tanker1 Allentown, Pennsylvania
192715 Three Tanker Trailers1 Midland, Michigan
192440 Two Tank Trailers1 Midland, Michigan
179743 Walker aluminum tanker1 Allentown, PA

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Transportation Vehicles:
American Choice, Great Dane Trailers Incorporated, Peterbilt, STNTE, Taylor Dunn, Walker