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    Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
    184931 2007 Autosampler -- AVS Pro II 1 F*Hopewell, VA
    180261 Alloy Products Corp. Anaerobic Culture Vessels1 Wilmington, DE
    183202 Armstrong xr 1501Refrigant Purger1 F*Midland, Michigan
    148138 Beckman 5081 Mount Holly, NJ
    190551 BIDDING CLOSED/SALE PENDING Two-roll mill programmable Collin 150M 1 F*N*Freeport, Texas
    180621 BioRad Chef Mapper1 F*Wilmington, DE
    187795 BioRad Excalibur FTS 3000 Infrared Spectrometer1 F*Newark, DE
    180963 BioRad Variable Speed Pump1 Wilmington, DE
    180966 BioRada Cooling Module1 F*Wilmington, DE
    181816 Blue M DCC-1406CYOven1 N*Singapore,
    183762 Blue M DDC-206CY1 Santa Clara, California
    185310 brimrose Luminar 5030handheld AOTF-NIR analyzer2 Wilmington, DE
    181948 Conviron Growth Chamber1 Wilmington, DE
    185296 Daitron EMTEC CVP-80Edge Grinder1 Singapore,
    191877 Deionized (DI) Water System1 F*N*Rochester, New York
    173846 Elementar MAX CNSElementar Protein Analyzer: Excellent Condition1 St. Louis, MO
    189261 FEI Micrion Vecta 986FIB 1 East Fishkill, New York
    190817 FEI Tecnai 20 S-TWINTransmission Electron Microscope Tecnai20 LaB6
    TEM 200kV equipped with
     -Super TWIN lens
     -1K Gatan Multiscan CCD camera (Mod. 794)
     -EDAX EDX-system (SiLi det...
    1 194,502.78 F*N*R*Neubiberg, Bavaria
    190819 Filter Press1 F*N*Midland, Michigan
    179231 Fisher Scientific 2653 Cleveland, OH
    189189 Fisher Scientific -80 Freezer1 F*Wilmington, DE
    190337 Floor Model Centrifuge - Sorvall RC-5B/8300391 1 N*Newark, Delaware
    177882 G24 Environmental Incubator Shaker1 F*Mount Holly, NJ
    191592 Gatan 691- PIPSPrecision Ion Polishing System1 F*N*Burlington, Vermont
    183208 GEMETEC Elymat IIIElectrolytical Metal Analysis Tool1 F*East Fishkill, NY
    190346 Gilson 215 Liquid Handler 1 N*Newark, Delaware
    168246 Glen Mills 1 Mount Holly, NJ
    176517 Harvard Apparatus Plugsys Type 6031 Mount Holly, NJ
    190137 Heller Industries Oven/Laminator/coater1 F*N*Wilmington, Delaware
    168243 Hewlett Packard 3396C1 Mount Holly, NJ
    155054 Hitachi EPL-8541HK8RCOLOR COPIER-EPL 85411 12,719.63 Regensburg, BY
    155052 Hitachi MI-SCOPEScanning Acoustictomograph-Hitachi Mi-Scope1 Regensburg, BY
    155053 Hitachi N/AOff Line Processor1 13,199.94 Regensburg, BY
    155056 Hitachi V523 50MHZOSCILLOSCOPE-HITACHI V523 50MHZ1 2,194.74 Regensburg, BY
    155055 Hitachi VP-1500MONOCHROME COPIER1 3,452.68 Regensburg, BY
    176516 Inmac Power Supply model 8340-5 1 Mount Holly, NJ
    190970 Instron wire tester1 N*Midland, Michigan
    189512 Integrated Flame Scanner and Temperature Analyzer2 N*Newark, Delaware
    187800 JEOL Vacuum Desicator EMDSC-U10A1 Wilmington, DE
    191927 John Dusenbery Core Cutter Model 765AB S/N 591391 F*N*Freeport, Texas
    177223 Kaye Instruments Inc x1360 validator1 Eau Claire, WI
    191525 Keithley S425Tester1 F*N*Singapore,
    178270 KEITHLEY Insturments, 590 C-V Analyzer, 300mm1 Taichung, Taichung City
    191544 KLA-Tencor RS 55Resistivity Measurement Tool1 F*Singapore,
    186829 KLA-Tencor RS55Omnimap RS55/TC1 Singapore,
    176514 Lab-Line 6 Position Multi-Magnestir Model 1278 1 Mount Holly, NJ
    153505 Leco 1 Memphis, TN
    153502 Leco 601-800-8001 Memphis, TN
    153503 Leco 602-600-3001 Memphis, TN
    151284 LEICA CAMBRIDGE LTD Cambridge S260Cambridge S260 Scanning Electron Microscope1 Regensburg, BY
    190138 Light Table with Glass Top1 F*N*Wilmington, Delaware
    151285 LINK ANALYTICAL LTD INCA L300QILINK ISIS INCA L300QI Energy Dispersive X-Ray1 Regensburg, BY
    178645 Liquid Nitrogen Dewars - Cold Storage (35L)1 F*Wilmington, DE
    190437 Marshall/Williams Stretch Bonding Machine & Equipment 1 F*N*Richmond, Virginia
    191526 Metron Extraction, Amine1 F*N*Singapore,
    190997 Munich Metrology Elymat II 1 F*N*Burlington, Vermont
    178730 NCB Network NF2001 Singapore,
    189193 Norlake Refrigerator1 Wilmington, DE
    190343 NUMATICS Pneumatic Cylinders24 N*Sayreville, New Jersey
    176172 Panalytical Perl’X 3 Fluxer 1 F*Wilmington, DE
    161820 Perkin Elmer P31 F*Mount Holly, NJ
    181186 Perkin Elmer Pyris 1DSC Scanning Calorimeter 1 Dresden, SN
    176519 Perkin Elmer HS 40 XL Headspace Sampler1 Mount Holly, NJ
    179143 Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometer, Lambda 18 UV/Vis 127751 Mount Holly, NJ
    187796 Perstorp Analytical NIR (Near Infrared) Spectrometer1 F*Newark, DE
    169471 Pharmacia Phast System1 F*Mount Holly, NJ
    176515 Precision Scientific Dual Chamber Water Bath Model 1881 Mount Holly, NJ
    179140 Precision Water Bath Model 1831 Mount Holly, NJ
    191593 Prior Scientific H105/2Motorized X-Y Microscope Stage1 F*N*Burlington, Vermont
    178542 Protein Technologies Tribute Peptide Synthesizer1 Wilmington, DE
    190133 Reference Sound Source RSS-101 Hemianechoic 1/12th Octave Calibration 1 F*N*Wilmington, Delaware
    189679 Rudolph Research 200XLSpectral Ellipsometer1 F*Singapore,
    191269 Rudolph Research SE200XLEllipsometer1 Singapore,
    178648 Savant Speed Vac Concentrator1 F*Mount Holly, NJ
    178271 Scientek Technology MSP2300XP1 Taichung, Taichung City
    178717 Scientek Technology Stacis 2100SCIENTECH CORPORATION Stacis 2100 300mm1 Dresden, SN
    189249 SemiTest Epimet 21 Burlington, Vermont
    189879 Snyder SuperTainer Stainless Steel 304SS IBCs1 N*Richmond, Virginia
    189192 Sorvall RC5C Centrifuge & 4 Rotors1 Wilmington, DE
    180953 Systec VX-75 Autoclave1 F*Wilmington, DE
    168237 Tenny 1 Mount Holly, NJ
    189190 Thermo Incubator1 F*Wilmington, DE
    190128 Thermo NESLAB coolflow Liquid/Liquid Recirculatory System I1 F*N*Wilmington, Delaware
    190129 Thermo NESLAB System III Liquid/Liquid Heat Exchanger1 N*Wilmington, Delaware
    180958 Titertek Multiskan BiChromatic1 Wilmington, DE
    179093 Unused Victor Gas Regulator model VTS4500-3463 Memphis, TN
    187287 used ColorportModel CP7001 spectrophotometer1 Valdosta, GA
    187288 used Fisher Isotemp10135 circulator1 Valdosta, GA
    165064 Used Fisher Scientific Bench Top Incubator Model 625D1 Mount Holly, NJ
    164377 Used Mettler Memo Totrator Model DL4GP1 F*Mount Holly, NJ
    191506 Used Thermo Scientific Sentinel PRPO Mass Spec1 N*Circleville, Ohio
    187290 Used Thermolyne Cimarec 2 maganetic stirrer1 Valdosta, GA
    187164 Used Varian 500 MHz Cryogenic probe1 Newark, DE
    187289 used VWR Model 1150s recirculator1 Valdosta, GA
    190134 Vacuum/Pressure Cycling Cart1 N*Wilmington, Delaware
    161822 Waters 15251 Mount Holly, NJ
    161823 Waters 15251 Mount Holly, NJ
    161751 Waters 15251 Mount Holly, New Jersey
    161752 Waters 15251 Mount Holly, NJ
    161753 Waters 15251 Mount Holly, NJ
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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Laboratory Equipment:
    Armstrong, Beckman, Blue M, brimrose, Daitron, Elementar, FEI, Fisher Scientific, Gatan, GEMETEC, Glen Mills, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Kaye Instruments Inc, Keithley, KLA-Tencor, Leco, LEICA CAMBRIDGE LTD, LINK ANALYTICAL LTD, Metron, Munich Metrology, NCB Network, Perkin Elmer, Pharmacia, Prior Scientific, Rudolph Research, Scientek Technology Corp, SemiTest, Tenny , Waters