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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionPower RequirementsConditionYr Made#PriceNotes Location
180274 Micro Control Co. Abes IVBurn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memory devicesFair2000 1 Burlington, VT
180276 Micro Control Co. WRP64WRP64, Burn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memor...Fair1999 1 Burlington, VT
182280 Suss MicroTec HVMMFTAutomatic Injection Molded Solder Mold Filling ... 1 East Fishkill, NY
182306 Suss MicroTec HVMMFT, Mold Fill Tool, 300mm, C4, automated injection molded solder mold filling ... 1 Fishkill, NY
182327 MKS Instruments AX8559 ASTeX GeneratorOzone Generator, AX85502011 1 Malta, NY
182329 MKS Instruments Liquozone PrimO3Ozone Generator2014 1 Malta, NY
182727 Control Air D-9-L-SM-UM-MOD 184D-9-L-SM-UM LIFT,MODEL#184 TEST PSI.=100 PSI,DE...2013 1 F* Burlington, VT
183767 Sonicar TS-12047HCBest Chemical Ultrasonic Degreaser 1 Singapore
184932 Pillar UNIBLOCK CLASSIC 500 KVA UPSUniversal Power SupplyGood1988 1 Burlington, VT
185267 Akrion UP V2 MP.2000Etch Solvent Sink2000 1 Singapore
185298 Autoclean ISG-2000Ultrasonic Cleaner 1 Singapore
191276 Akrion MP-2000Clean Bench - Cu Cleans 1 F* Singapore
191507 Akrion MP-20001999 1 Singapore
191509 Akrion MP-2000 1 Singapore
191512 Akrion MP-2000Clean Bench 1 Singapore
191513 Sonicor Instruments TS-2404/402424HUltrasonic Cleaner 1 Singapore
196156 ENTEGRIS 01-026052-13FM4911 Compliant 25 wafer FOUP 1 Malta, New York
203083 TEL, RLSA-H, 300mm, Chambers, 4 (FOUR) chambers, 4 RLSA-H Chambers, for Tactras Mainframe 1 Malta, New York
203111 Applied Materials In Endura2 Chamber CVD ALD TiNALD TiN Chamber 1 East Fishkill, New York
204276 KINIK BI2Polish Pad Break-In, Manual 1 Singapore
204927 Micro Control Co. ABES-VLarge Board Burn in oven 1 Burlington, Vermont
204928 Micro Control Co. ABES-Vsingle slot screen tool (ambient only) 1 Burlington, Vermont
205906 Micro Control Co. Abes Memory PreScreener2000 1 Burlington, Vermont
205907 Micro Control Co. WRP256 PreScreen ToolPrescreen Memory Tool1996 1 Burlington, Vermont
205909 Micro Control Co. WRP256 OvenTest Oven1999 1 Burlington, Vermont
205910 Micro Control Co. Abes Memory PreScreenerTester 1 Burlington, Vermont
205911 Micro Control Co. Abes Memory Test Tool2 Chambers, 16 slots each1999 1 Burlington, Vermont
208156 Royal Sovereign RSL-2702Laminator 1 Malta, New York
209392 Empire Cleaning PF-2632 M-02522Bead Blaster, Sand Blaster, 1 Burlington, Vermont
210047 Wilt Industries 4106Belt Sander 1 F* Burlington, Vermont
210097 Bridgeport Series I 2 HPIndustrial Drill Press 1 Burlington, Vermont
211885 Applied Materials In Endura2 PVD Ti Chamber 1 Singapore
215021 Packaging Systems Entry ConveyorCarton Sealer 1 Singapore
215716 Applied Materials In Endura2 Chambers two, CVD Cobalt Chambers 1 Malta, New York
215841 Kyoto Denkiki KDP-2T030Voltage Sag Protector2018 1 Burlington, Vermont
215843 Kurita Water Systems Nitrogen Regas SystemRegas N2 1 East Fishkill, New York
215845 True Refrigerator S-72-SCI-HC Model No. TS-72-SCI-HC Running. 1 Burlington, Vermont
215846 True Refrigerator TS-72-SCI-HCPhotoresist refrigerator storage 1 Burlington, Vermont
216564 Air Liquide Fabstream IIISilane Gas Cabinet 1 Dresden, Saxony
216827 Caterpillar V40CFork Lift 1 Burlington, Vermont
216829 Akrion MP-2000Parts Clean Sink 1 Singapore
216974 Polycom, Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio ISX321 1 Santa Clara, California
216975 Polycom ISX309 Immersive VIdeo RoomImmersive Video Room 1 Austin, Texas
214946 Elvacite 2021C in 275# (125kg) drums (Yerkes)Elvacite 2021CNew-Never Used2019 15 Buffalo, New York
214952 DuPont Teijin Films New-Never Used2016 23 Buffalo, New York
215034 Elvacite 2021C in 275# (125kg) drums (Circleville)Elvacite 2021CNew-Never Used2019 41 Circleville, Ohio
215103 Dow Corning New-Never Used2019 40 Louisville, Kentucky
219218 LOT SALE - Mixed lot of Incinerator parts and materials Good 1 Wilmington, Delaware
209408 Wentworth Labs 0-023-0021WENTWORTH 6" PROBE STATION/ WAFER PROBER MITUTO...Good1995 1 Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
180112 Hall Tank Co. AH-16New-Never Used1991 1 F* Houston, Texas
219480 Alstom USA Alstom P320 TGC Control SystemGood 1 Plaquemine, Louisiana
219530 Alstom USA Alstom Excitation SystemGood 1 lot F* Plaquemine, Louisiana
219785 Misc. Unused MRO Surplus 1 lot F*N* Freeport, Texas
219853 Surplus Motors, Pumps & Compressors 1 lot N* Freeport, Texas
219855 Surplus Instrumentation 1 lot N* Freeport, Texas
219856 Surplus Plastic Shelf Bins 1 lot N* Freeport, Texas
219857 Surplus Flatbed Truck and Trailer Equipment 1 lot N* Freeport, Texas
202596 INGERSOLL RAND heat reactivated regenerative air dryersINGERSOLL RAND heat reactivated regenerative ai...Poor2010 1 3,666.23 Regensburg, Bavaria
219804 Ergospeed2 LoadportGood2015 1 7,218.54 N* Regensburg, Bavaria
206570 TEST EQUIPMENT(QS) OQA relatedPoor2002 4 15,552.44 Regensburg, Bavaria
207356 SPEA TesterPoor2004 4 70,081.30 Regensburg, Bavaria
200554 9/8 MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION! Heat Exch/Titanium Limited/ Qty 1/Unused Surplus Very Good 1 100,000.00 F* Freeport, Texas

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Items and Mixed Lots:
Air Liquide, Akrion, Alstom USA, Applied Materials Inc., Autoclean, Bridgeport, Caterpillar, Control Air, Dow Corning, DuPont Teijin Films, Empire Cleaning, ENTEGRIS, Hall Tank Co. , KINIK, Kurita Water Systems, Kyoto Denkiki, Micro Control Co., MKS Instruments, Inc., Packaging Systems, Pillar, Polycom, Royal Sovereign, Sonicar, Sonicor Instruments, Suss MicroTec, True Refrigerator, Wentworth Labs, Wilt Industries