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KeySurplus is a live directory of the public listings of Dynaprice corporate end-user clients disposing of their corporate assets. No listings from dealers trading in used equipment are shown here.

KeySurplus is not a broker and does not own or trade equipment on its own account.

Dynaprice clients include, besides the corporate asset management units whose offerings are shown here, stocking dealers in used equipment. Both types of firms use Dynaprice data services to run their surplus asset operations. They receive sales and highly-ranked search engine exposure on their own Dynaprice-operated public websites and on multiple web marketplaces as part of the data services they receive.


Please browse the listings and contact the equipment owners directly, without commission. Once you click on an Item ID# and reach the full description of an item, you may contact the owner directly in several ways:

1) Click on one of the "ACCEPT Offer", "COUNTER Offer", or "Send QUESTIONS" response buttons at the top or bottom of the item description. Your message will be emailed directly to the equipment owner, who should respond by phone or email promptly.

2) Use the links above those buttons and at the bottom of each product description to go directly to the owner's website.

3) From his website, click Contact Us and call the owner to speak with him directly. Tell him you found him through KeySurplus.com.

Please do not contact KeySurplus.com with questions regarding listings you are interested in: we operate this website, but do not own or trade in equipment on our own account. Contact us only for assistance in using this website.


Are you involved in corporate surplus sales and asset redeployment?

Consider joining the Dynaprice Marketing Network and list all your publicly offered items here and on all other Dynaprice marketplaces, as well as on your own Dynaprice-operated dynamic website (or websites), fully-integrated with a multi-location surplus asset inventory system, an internal asset redeployment system, dealmaking and contract management system, and customer relationship management system with strong sales promotion facilities.

Contact Dynaprice directly for details on our Corporate Investment Recovery Suite, specially designed for large corporations and currently used by such firms as TI, ATT, Lockheed Martin, Infineon AG, Pfizer, Target, and DuPont.

This economic, remote data service is provided over the web and completely replaces the need to pay for your own computer systems, software and support, as well as the bother of uploading and downloading product and sales contact information between different computer systems. And it comes without any lock-in to one sales agent seeking commissions.