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Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
203072 Anton PAAR MCR301 Viscometer - Rotational 1 N* Dresden, Saxony
192588 Asymtek S-800Adhesive Dispense System 1 Malta, New York
198362 Barr Murphy Atomizers 3 F* Newark, Delaware
196448 Biological Safety Cabinet, 6’, Class II, Type A2 1 Wilmington, Delaware
202879 Blue M DCC 206CYOven 1 N* Singapore
181816 Blue M DCC-1406CYOven 1 Singapore
196206 Blue M DCC-206-EV-ST350Resist Bake Oven 1 Santa Clara, California
203139 Blue M DCC-206-EV-ST350Bake Oven, Temp Controlled 1 N* East Fishkill, New York
203140 Blue M DCC-206-EV-ST350Bake Oven, Controlled 1 N* East Fishkill, New York
183762 Blue M DDC-206CY 1 Singapore
192687 Blue M LO-90-PAtmospheric oven capable of 260°C 120V 1500W 1 Malta, New York
185310 brimrose Luminar 5030handheld AOTF-NIR analyzer 2 Wilmington, Delaware
192696 Brookfield DV2THCBCOViscometer 1 Malta, New York
198106 Budzar Chiller 1 Wilmington, Delaware
195984 Cameca LEXFAB300Diffusion Measurement 1 Dresden, Saxony
185296 Daitron EMTEC CVP-80Edge Grinder 1 Singapore
199703 DCS Systems nProbeSEM Micro Probe Analysis System 1 Dresden, Saxony
200230 E.A. Fischione Instr 2040Dual-Axis Tomography Holder 1 F* East Fishkill, New York
203122 FEI Helios 400NanoLab Dual Beam FIB 1 N* Malta, New York
202496 FEI Helios 600 NanoLabDual Beam FIB 1 Dresden, Saxony
190817 FEI Tecnai 20 S-TWIN
Transmission Electron Microscope Tecnai20 LaB6:
TEM 200kV equipped with
 -Super TWIN lens
 -1K Gatan Multiscan CCD camera (Mod. 794)
 -EDAX EDX-system (SiLi detector ultrathin window 133eV resolution)
5-axis motorized stage
Single tilt holder


point resolution 0,24nm
line resolution 0,14nm

1 194,502.78 Neubiberg, Bavaria
183208 GEMETEC Elymat IIIElectrolytical Metal Analysis Tool 1 F* East Fishkill, NY
195858 GRETA Multifermentor System & Gas Sampling Valves 1 Wilmington, Delaware
155054 Hitachi EPL-8541HK8RCOLOR COPIER-EPL 8541 1 12,719.63 F* Regensburg, BY
155052 Hitachi MI-SCOPEScanning Acoustictomograph-Hitachi Mi-Scope 1 Regensburg, BY
155053 Hitachi N/AOff Line Processor 1 13,199.94 Regensburg, BY
194713 Hitachi S-5200Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope 1 Villach, Carinthia
155056 Hitachi V523 50MHZOSCILLOSCOPE-HITACHI V523 50MHZ 1 2,194.74 Regensburg, BY
155055 Hitachi VP-1500MONOCHROME COPIER 1 3,452.68 Regensburg, BY
195392 Idler Rolls 1 Richmond, Virginia
189512 Integrated Flame Scanner and Temperature Analyzer 2 Newark, Delaware
187800 JEOL Vacuum Desicator EMDSC-U10A 1 Wilmington, Delaware
191525 Keithley S425Tester 1 Singapore
178270 KEITHLEY Insturments, 590 C-V Analyzer, 300mm 1 Taichung, Taichung City
199714 KLA-Tencor HRP-340High Resolution Surface Profilometer 1 Dresden, Saxony
199716 KLA-Tencor HRP-340High Resolution Surface Profilometer 1 Dresden, Saxony
199717 KLA-Tencor HRP-340High Resolution Surface Profilometer 1 Dresden, Saxony
151284 LEICA CAMBRIDGE LTD Cambridge S260Cambridge S260 Scanning Electron Microscope 1 Regensburg, BY
151285 LINK ANALYTICAL LTD INCA L300QILINK ISIS INCA L300QI Energy Dispersive X-Ray 1 Regensburg, BY
190437 Marshall/Williams Stretch Bonding Machine & Equipment 1 Richmond, Virginia
191526 Metron Extraction, Amine 1 Singapore
178730 NCB Network NF200 1 Singapore
202839 NSC PS102WJet Etch Mold Decapsulation 1 N* Singapore
190343 NUMATICS Pneumatic Cylinders 24 Sayreville, New Jersey
192212 Orton Automatic Recording Dilatometers 2 F* Wilmington, Delaware
195384 Prometrix RS50/eFour Point Probe Sheet Resistivity 1 East Fishkill, New York
190133 Reference Sound Source RSS-101 Hemianechoic 1/12th Octave Calibration 1 F* Wilmington, Delaware
201847 Rigaku MFM65 Micro XRFsmall spot Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence 1 F* East Fishkill, New York
178717 Scientek Technology Stacis 2100SCIENTECH CORPORATION Stacis 2100 300mm 1 Dresden, SN
197419 SDI Diagnostics Inc SPVCMS4000Surface Charge Measurement 1 Singapore
189879 Snyder SuperTainer Stainless Steel 304SS IBCs 1 Richmond, Virginia
179093 Unused Victor Gas Regulator model VTS4500-346 3 Memphis, TN
201855 Used 2013/4 Bruker Nanostat Saxs Xray diffractometer 1 F* Wilmington, Delaware
202503 used Angstrom Engineering Thermal Evaporation System 1 Wilmington, Delaware
200227 Waters 2695GPC - Gel Permeation ChromatographyJ00SM4 1 F* East Fishkill, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Scientific and Laboratory Equipment:
Anton PAAR, Asymtek, Blue M, brimrose, Brookfield Engineering Labs, Cameca, Daitron, DCS Systems, E.A. Fischione Instr, FEI, GEMETEC, Hitachi, Keithley, KLA-Tencor, LEICA CAMBRIDGE LTD, LINK ANALYTICAL LTD, Metron, NCB Network, NSC, Prometrix, Rigaku, Scientek Technology Corp, SDI Diagnostics Inc, Waters