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List all items of this typeReverse Osmosis and Ultra Filters

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1 5,000.00 F* Edgewater, NJ
CSK Ultrapure Reverse Osmosis System:

The system is a CSK Ultrapure Water System. This system was designed to produce 30 GPM of ASTM Type I water. Major components include: Multi Media Unit ASME Stamped, P/N N5240-30, Tag # MM-100, Tank Size 30" x 72" Manufacturer: Alamo Twin Water Softener:P/N 4059T1, Model A450FM-29T1, Tag # WS-100, Tank Size 2 ea. 30" x 72" Manufacturer: Alamo RO Pressure Vessels ASME Stamped, P/N E8L/SP3, Tag # RO-200, RO-201, RO-202, 3 ea. 8.5" OD x 338" Manufacturer: Codeline Spiral Wound RO Elements: P/N 8822HR, RO-200, RO-201, RO-202 Manufacturer: TFC RO Booster Pump: P/N 35VD1K5HO, Tag #P-200, stainless steel vertical, 5 HP, 55 GPM nominal flow Manufacturer: G&L DI Pump: P/N 2SVD1H5HO, Tag # P-201, stainless steel vertical, 5 HP 25 GPM nominal flow Manufacturer: G&L Electrical: 2 ea. panels for PLC control. One on the RO Skid and one on the Softener skid.


20" Hypulse LSI 

List all items of this typeCartridge Filters

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1   Deepwater, NJ
Used Mott 20" Hypulse LSI filter cartidge housing:
Used Mott 20" Hypulse LSI filter cartidge housing, 46.2 sq ft area, contains 22 2.5" od x 40" long porous 316 SS metal cartridges, 316 ss vessel, built in 1999, design pressure FV to 150 psi, design temperature - -20 t 400 F, national board # 871
WANTED - Used Filter press  
WANTED - Used Filter press  

List all items of this typePlate & Frame Filters

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1   F* Kingston, Ontario
WANTED - Used Filter press :
Used Filter press - hydraulic or pneumatic, carbon or SS construction, Polpropylene plates, mixed plate or Membrane plates, plate size range  count =40  @ 600mm to 20@ 800mm, top enter feed, volume 275 gal, pressure 160 psig squeeze, 80 psig feed at 70C

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