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in Sample Preparation

1   F* Regensburg, BY
Automated TEM and SEM sample preparation system - SELA EM2:

A dedicated, automated, timesaving, and user-friendly system that enables a total solution for TEM/STEM and SEM sample preparation for both cross section and plan view in a wide range of applications. Featuring cryo-cooled, dry saw process, the EM2 system prepares specimens of either crystalline or amorphous materials. The output sample is mounted onto a compatible stub that allows rework.

Tool is completed.

Used within FE & BE failure analysis

E.A. Fischione Instr  

E.A. Fischione Instr  


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in Sample Preparation

1   F* East Fishkill, New York
E.A. Fischione Instruments Inc., 1040, NanoMill:
E.A. Fischione Instruments Inc., 1040, NanoMill



List all items of this typePolishing & Grinding Sample Prep Equipment

in Sample Preparation

1   F* Malta, New York
MASS-PCB, SV200WV, Abrasive Planarizations System:
MASS-PCB, SV200WV, Abrasive Planarizations System

The grinding machine SV 200 WV serves to remove the excess plugging paste from
printed circuit boards and inner layers following the Via Hole Plugging process. That
allows getting a flat uniform surface of the copper surface.
The grinding disk is driven by a servo motor, the x-y movement is manual by

The basic frame is made up of a stable welded stainless steel rack. The outer jacket
is made up of canted stainless sheet metal sheets. All the sheets allow be opening
with ease by entering catch locks and removing for allowing access.
The grinding head is covered with a hood with aluminium glass profiles. The plant is
built up and designed such that all components are clearly arranged.

Cooling water is transported via pump to the grinding head. On the bottom of the
machine you can find the belt filter equipment, where the cooling water is filtered.

The inner- or outer-layer of the printed circuit board is fixed on the aluminium working
plate by vacuum.
The working area is protected by safety glass. The specific linear guides and the
adjustable grinding pressure result in an excellent grinding performance and prevent
the copper foil from possibly being ground through. The grinding head can be
lowered to the printed circuit board with an exactness of 0,22 μm (0,0056 mil).
One turn (100 digits) eaquals 22μm (0,56 mil).

Technical data:
Plant length: 1400 mm
Plant width: 1100 mm
Plant height: 1700 mm
Working height: 980 mm
Weight 1000 Kg
Adjustment precision 0,22 μm
Vacuum working surface: 610 x 915 mm (24 x 36”)
Servo controlled turning of the grinding disks: 1000, 2000, 3000 rpm
Printed circuit board spectrum:
Gauge from / to: 0,3 – 15 mm
Maximum printed circuit board size: 610 x 915 mm (24 x 36”)
Electric connection:
Connected load: 5 kW
Working voltage: 3 x 400/480V, 3P, N, PE, 50/60 Hz

Compressed air connection: 6 bar
Filter unit: 60 l Water

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E.A. Fischione Instr, MASS-PCB, SELA