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List all items of this typeScientific and Laboratory Equipment - Other

in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment

KLA, QTX-300, 300mm, S/N 1006304891:

KLA, QTX-300, 300mm, S/N 1006304891

1   Singapore,



List all items of this typeTest & Measurement - Other

in Test & Measurement Equipment

KLA eS32 E-beam Wafer Inspection 200mm:

eS32 is a top-of-the-line mask and wafer inspection equipment that is designed to meet the most stringent quality standards for semiconductor product manufacturing. This system provides comprehensive, high-resolution inspection of both masks and wafers with unparalleled accuracy. The unit uses a proprietary optical probe to scan masks and wafers to detect defects and irregularities with a resolution reaching down to 1 micron. This high-precision scanning allows for comprehensive inspection of the entire surface of both the mask and wafer. The machine also includes powerful image processing and analysis algorithms which automatically detect defects, categorize them, and track their locations. KLA eS32 also includes a suite of automated defect correction tools which can rapidly repair standard and complex defects. In addition to its exhaustive defect detection capabilities, this tool also allows for statistical process control (SPC) analysis to ensure production processes maintain consistent quality and accuracy over time. TENCOR ES 32 also includes a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate and manage the asset. This user interface is highly customizable, allowing users to quickly change model settings, view detailed inspection reports, and receive real-time notifications of detected defects. In summary, KLA ES 32 is a high-performance mask and wafer inspection equipment that offers superior detection accuracy, automated defect correction, comprehensive statistical process control (SPC) analysis, and an easy-to-use user interface. This system can be used to monitor production lines, resulting in improved manufacturing quality, increased yield, and cost savings.

1   Austin, Texas



List all items of this typeWafer Inspection Microscopes

in Optical Microscopes

KLA AMI2900, sn: V000283, 300mm:

KLA AMI2900, sn: V000283, 300mm

KLA Advanced Macro Inspection Module


1   Malta, New York

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