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Oxford Instruments  

Oxford Instruments  

Plasmalab 800 

List all items of this typeChemical Vapor Deposition Equipment - Other

in Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment



Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • Model: Plasmalab 800 PECVD
  • 13.56 MHz driven parallel plate reactor
  • kHz and “frequency mixing” optional
  • Automatic pressure control
  • Substrate electrode: 460mm with PID control
  • Can process wafer pieces
  • Shower head gas inlet optimized for PECVD
  • 400° C substrate table
  • System Computer
  • PC control with OPT software under Windows
  • System software controls all aspects of machine functionality and control of the process operation
  • Production mode: system will perform the following sequence without any operator intervention: chamber pumping, recipe running, chamber venting
  • Log file viewer
  • Process chamber includes a window panel giving a view on the process table
  • Recipe for plasma cleaning of the process chamber will be provided
  • System Chiller
  • Alcatel ADS 602 P Vacuum Pump
  • Advanced Energy LF-5 RF Generator
  • Power: 208VAC, 3PH, 50/60 HZ
  • Manufactured in: 2004
  • Operations Manuals for Plasmalab 800 PECVD
  • Gas Box with MKS MFCs consisting of:
  • 1) MKS 1179A, Gas: CF4
  • 2) MKS 1179A, Gas: N2
  • 3) MKS 1179A, Gas: N2O
  • 4) MKS 1479A, Gas: SiH4
  • 5) MKS 1479A, Gas: NH3

Refurbished 2015

1   Malta, New York
Oxford Instruments  

Oxford Instruments  

PlasmaLab RIE 

List all items of this typeScientific and Laboratory Equipment - Other

in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment

Oxford, Plasmalab, REI Etch Tool:

Oxford, Plasmalab, REI Etch Tool

Plasmalab uETCH300 RIE:
  • 460mm cathode size
  • Cathode configuration:  Flat.  No indents.
  • 6 gas channels
  • Dual-Mode, PE and RIE
  • Windows 7 Pro (upgraded last year)
1   Malta, New York
Oxford Instruments  

Oxford Instruments  

CMI 950 

List all items of this typeXray Fluorescence Spectrometers

in Spectrometers

CMI 950 - Xray fluorescence spectrometer:
X-Ray fluorescence for analysis of materials (such as liquids and solid states) in order to obtain information about thickness, concentrataion, etc.
Measurement system for layer thickness analysis of metallic surfaces and evaluation of concentrations of solutions (Au, Ni, Sn, Cu, Ag).

System is fully packed on pallette (241kg, 1mx0,9mx1,5m)
1   F* Regensburg, BY

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