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 AC Electric Motors - Other  in Other Motors  (1)

 Agitator Components - Other  in Agitator Components  (1)

 Agitator Impellers  in Agitator Components  (5)

 Agitators  in Agitators and Components  (1)

 Air Filters - Other  in Air Filters  (2)

 Analog Test Systems  in Device Testers  (4)

 Analyzers - Other  in Analyzers  (1)

 and Mixed Lots of Distribution Transformer - Other  in Transformers  (3)

 Assembly / Hybrid - Other  in Semiconductor / Hybrid Assembly Equipment  (5)

 Atmospheric Pressure CVD Tools  in Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment  (3)

 Auger Feeders  in Feeders  (3)

 Automatic Ball Bonders  in Ball Bonders  (9)

 Automatic Epoxy Die Bonders  in Epoxy Die Bonders  (1)

 Automatic Test Equipment - Other  in Automatic Test Equipment  (8)

 Automatic Wafer Probers  in Wafer Probers  (11)

 Bag Sealers  in Bagging and Bag Handling Equipment  (2)

 Bag Sewing Machines  in Bagging and Bag Handling Equipment  (7)

 Bagging Systems  in Bagging and Bag Handling Equipment  (3)

 Balances  in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment  (1)

 Belt Conveyors  in Conveyors  (3)

 Benchtop LPVCD Furnaces  in LPCVD Furnaces  (3)

 Bins  in Materials Handling and Storage Equipment  (1)

 Blowers - Other  in Blowers  (3)

 Bottle Labelers  in Bottling Equipment  (1)

 Bundlers, Packaging  in Packaging and Item Processing Equipment  (1)

 Carbon Steel Tanks  in Tanks  (1)

 Cartoners - Other  in Cartoners  (1)

 Cartridge Filters  in Filters  (1)

 Case Erectors  in Case Handling Machinery  (1)

 Case Packers  in Case Handling Machinery  (1)

 Centrifugal Pumps  in Water Pumps  (1)

 Check Weighers  in Packaging and Item Processing Equipment  (3)

 Chemical Fume Hoods  in Cleaning and Degreasing Equipment  (2)

 Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment - Other  in Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment  (11)

 Chillers  in Gas Plant Equipment  (2)

 Clean Room Equipment - Other  in Clean Room Equipment  (12)

 Clean Room Ovens  in Heat Treating Equipment  (6)

 Cluster PECVD Tools  in Production Tools  (1)

 Cluster Plasma Tools - Oxide  in Cluster Plasma Tools  (5)

 Cluster Plasma Tools - Silicon  in Cluster Plasma Tools  (1)

 Control Panels  in Gas Plant Equipment  (1)

 Conveyors - Other  in Conveyors  (4)

 Critical Dimension Scanning Electron Microscopes  in Microscopes  (5)

 Cyclone Dust Collectors  in Dust Collectors  (1)

 DC Electric Motors - Other  in Other Motors  (1)

 Deep UV Wafer Stepper  in Wafer Steppers  (7)

 DIP Handlers  in Device Handlers  (1)

 Diverter Valves  in Valves  (2)

 Dust Collectors - Other  in Dust Collectors  (3)

 Electric Heated Ovens  in Process Heating and Cooling Equipment  (1)

 Electrical Equipment & Supplies - Other  in Electrical Equipment  (2)

 Emulsifiers  in Food Processing and Handling Equipment  (1)

 Failure Analysis Test Instruments - Other  in Failure Analysis Test Instruments  (1)

 Fans  in Air Moving & Blowing Equipment  (1)

 Feeders - Other  in Feeders  (2)

 Flexible Conveyors  in Conveyors  (1)

 Food Processing Equipment - Other  in Food Processing and Handling Equipment  (2)

 Forklifts  in Forklifts and Accessories  (4)

 Form/Fill/Seal Machines  in Packaging and Item Processing Equipment  (1)

 FT-IR Spectrometers  in Spectrometers  (2)

 Furnaces - Other  in Furnaces  (2)

 Gas Generation Equipment  in Gas Handling Equipment  (1)

 Gate valves  in Valves  (1)

 Generators - Other  in Generators  (1)

 Grinders - Other  in Grinders  (1)

 Guillotines  in Size Reduction Equipment  (1)

 Homogenizers  in Cooking Equipment  (1)

 HVAC Equipment - Other  in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Eq  (5)

 Hydraulic Pumps  in General Purpose Liquid Pumps  (1)

 I-Line Wafer Stepper  in Wafer Steppers  (5)

 Industrial Gas Turbines (<50MW)  in Gas Plant Equipment  (1)

 Interferometers  in Optical Inspection Equipment  (9)

 Label Printer/Coders  in Labeling Equipment, Packaging  (1)

 Laser Package Marking Tools  in Marking Tools  (2)

 Lifters - Other  in Lifters and Hoists  (2)

 Lithography Equipment - Other  in Lithography Equipment  (2)

 Lump Breakers  in Mills  (1)

 Machine Tools - Other  in Machine Tools  (6)

 Manual Photoresist Coaters  in Photoresist Coaters  (18)

 Manual Photoresist Developers  in Photoresist Developers  (1)

 Materials Handling Equipment - Other  in Materials Handling and Storage Equipment  (10)

 Medium Current Implanters  in Ion Implantation Equipment  (3)

 Memory Test Systems  in Device Testers  (3)

 Metrology Equipment - Other  in Metrology Equipment  (1)

 Micropositioners  in Manual Probers  (1)

 Microscopes - Other  in Optical Microscopes  (3)

 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers  in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment  (1)

 Nutsche Filters  in Filters  (1)

 Optical Inspection - Other  in Optical Inspection Equipment  (20)

 Optical Test & Measurement Equipment - Other  in Optical Test & Measurement Equipment  (1)

 Other Items  in Microscopes  (7)

 Other Items and Mixed Lots  in Facilities Equipment  (3)

 Other Items and Mixed Lots  in Machine Tools  (47)

 Ovens - Other  in Ovens  (3)

 Package Printing and Coding Equipment - Other  in Printers, Packaging  (2)

 Packaging Eq - Other  in Packaging and Item Processing Equipment  (9)

 Paddle Blenders  in Blenders  (1)

 Palletizers  in Materials Handling and Storage Equipment  (1)

 Parametric Wafer Testers  in Test Systems  (2)

 Particle Counters  in Clean Room Equipment  (13)

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under ALL CATEGORIES:
Accretech, Advantest, Agilent Technologies, Akrion, American Choice, Amerimade Technologies, Applied Materials Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., ASM, ASML, Aviza Technology Ltd., Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Blue M, Bodijn, Brewer Science, BTU, Buehler, Canon Anelva, Cascade Microtech, Chester Jensen, Cymer, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., Dedietrich, Delta Design, DISCO CORPORATION, Ebara, Electroglas, EVG, FEI, Fico Netherlands, Fisher Scientific, FSI, GEA, GEMETEC, Hitachi, Hyster, Infineon Ag THA, IPG Micro, Jackson Automation, JEOL, Kashiyama, Keithley, Keithley Instruments, Key Technology, KLA-Tencor, Kokusai, LAM, LAM Research Corp., Lasertech, Leco, Levitech, LTX, Mac, Manufacturing Integration, MASS-PCB, Materials Research Corp, Micro Control Co., MKS Instruments, Inc., Mosaid, Motorola Lighting , Mühlbauer, Nikon, Novellus Systems, Parsons, Perkin Elmer, PowerPak, Prometrix, PSK, QUALITAU, RECIF Technologies, Revera, Rigaku, rofin-baasel, Rorze, Rudolph Technologies, Inc., Salina Vortex, Shinkawa, Sihi, Sikama International, Incorporated, Silicon Valley Group, Sokudo, SOLVISION, Sonicar, Speedfam, Steag Hamatech, Suss MicroTec, Tamadenshi, Tel, THA Germany, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Ulvac, Union Special, Waters, Watkins-Johnson, Webco, WENESCO, Wentworth Labs, Westech, Zeiss