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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionPower RequirementsConditionYr Made#PriceNotes Location
200554 9/8 MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION! Heat Exch/Titanium Limited/ Qty 1/Unused Surplus Very Good 1 F* Freeport, Texas
216564 Air Liquide Fabstream IIISilane Gas Cabinet 1 Dresden, Saxony
216829 Akrion MP-2000Parts Clean Sink 1 Singapore
191276 Akrion MP-2000Clean Bench - Cu Cleans 1 F* Singapore
191507 Akrion MP-20001999 1 Singapore
191509 Akrion MP-2000 1 Singapore
191512 Akrion MP-2000Clean Bench 1 Singapore
185267 Akrion UP V2 MP.2000Etch Solvent Sink2000 1 Singapore
211885 Applied Materials In Endura2 PVD Ti Chamber 1 Singapore
221084 ASM Technologies ASM iHAWK100-240Good2009 1 41,046.23 Batam, Riau Islands
221087 ASM Technologies ASM iHAWK Xpress GoCu100-240Good2017 1 58,637.48 Batam, Riau Islands
221085 ASM Technologies ASM iHAWK Xtreme100-240Good2010 2 41,046.23 F* Batam, Riau Islands
221086 ASM Technologies ASM iHAWK Xtreme100-240Good2010 2 41,046.23 Batam, Riau Islands
185298 Autoclean ISG-2000Ultrasonic Cleaner 1 Singapore
221102 BESI X-Eye SF160 SL3803 PhaseFair2014 1 93,819.96 Batam, Riau Islands
221101 BESI Holland MK-13803 PhaseGood1993 1 82,092.47 Batam, Riau Islands
221096 BESI Holland MK-13803 PhaseGood1995 1 105,547.45 Batam, Riau Islands
220880 BESI Meco Equipment EPL 2400SSN Plating Equipment3803 PhaseFair2001 1 Batam, Riau Islands
221099 BESI Netherland FCLOther3 PhaseGood2007 1 293,187.38 Batam, Riau Islands
221097 BESI Netherland TFM UFOther3 PhaseGood2006 1 175,912.42 Batam, Riau Islands
221098 BESI Netherland TFM UFOther3 PhaseGood2003 1 293,187.38 Batam, Riau Islands
221286 BESI Switzerland ESEC 2007 SSIOther3 PhaseGood2002 1 Batam, Riau Islands
221067 BESI Switzerland ESEC 2007 SSI plus3803 PhaseGood2000 2 234,549.91 Batam, Riau Islands
221066 BESI Switzerland ESEC 2008 xP200-230Good2003 2 410,462.34 Batam, Riau Islands
182727 Control Air D-9-L-SM-UM-MOD 184D-9-L-SM-UM LIFT,MODEL#184 TEST PSI.=100 PSI,DE...2013 1 F* Burlington, VT
222394 Customised storage rack and table, stainless steelCustomised stainless steel storage rack and table1986 1 Singapore
215103 Dow Corning New-Never Used2019 40 Louisville, Kentucky
214952 DuPont Teijin Films New-Never Used2016 23 Buffalo, New York
221535 ECA ADVANCE AUTOMATI EC 328N3803 PhaseGood2010 1 58,637.48 Batam, Riau Islands
215034 Elvacite 2021C in 275# (125kg) drums (Newark)Elvacite 2021CNew-Never Used2019 29 Newark, Delaware
214946 Elvacite 2021C in 275# (125kg) drums (Yerkes)Elvacite 2021CNew-Never Used2019 15 Buffalo, New York
209392 Empire Cleaning PF-2632 M-02522Bead Blaster, Sand Blaster, 1 Burlington, Vermont
219804 Ergospeed2 LoadportGood2015 1 7,035.32 Regensburg, Bavaria
220893 ESA ELECTRONICS PTE ATS12200Other3 PhaseGood1997 1 Batam, Riau Islands
220894 ESA ELECTRONICS PTE ATS12200Other3 PhaseGood1995 1 Batam, Riau Islands
220895 ESA ELECTRONICS PTE ATS12200Other3 PhaseGood1996 1 Batam, Riau Islands
220896 ESA ELECTRONICS PTE ATS12200Other3 PhaseGood1992 1 Batam, Riau Islands
180112 Hall Tank Co. AH-16New-Never Used1991 1 F* Houston, Texas
202596 INGERSOLL RAND heat reactivated regenerative air dryersINGERSOLL RAND heat reactivated regenerative ai...Poor2010 1 3,578.48 Regensburg, Bavaria
204276 KINIK BI2Polish Pad Break-In, Manual 1 Singapore
215843 Kurita Water Systems Nitrogen Regas SystemRegas N2 1 East Fishkill, New York
221399 Litrolin Cup washing tool (customised)SOLB-5M2.pdf;Obj221399-SOLB-5M2.pdf2000 1 Singapore
220802 Megakinetics MB 331-FDDH2O2 and DIW mixer2014 1 East Fishkill, New York
205911 Micro Control Co. Abes Memory Test Tool2 Chambers, 16 slots each1999 1 Burlington, Vermont
180274 Micro Control Co. Abes IVBurn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memory devicesFair2000 1 Burlington, VT
205906 Micro Control Co. Abes Memory PreScreener2000 1 Burlington, Vermont
205910 Micro Control Co. Abes Memory PreScreenerTester 1 Burlington, Vermont
204927 Micro Control Co. ABES-VLarge Board Burn in oven 1 Burlington, Vermont
204928 Micro Control Co. ABES-Vsingle slot screen tool (ambient only) 1 Burlington, Vermont
205909 Micro Control Co. WRP256 OvenTest Oven1999 1 Burlington, Vermont
205907 Micro Control Co. WRP256 PreScreen ToolPrescreen Memory Tool1996 1 Burlington, Vermont
180276 Micro Control Co. WRP64WRP64, Burn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memor...Fair1999 1 Burlington, VT
182327 MKS Instruments AX8559 ASTeX GeneratorOzone Generator, AX85502011 1 Malta, NY
182329 MKS Instruments Liquozone PrimO3Ozone Generator2014 1 Malta, NY
215021 Packaging Systems Entry ConveyorCarton Sealer 1 Singapore
184932 Pillar UNIBLOCK CLASSIC 500 KVA UPSUniversal Power SupplyGood1988 1 Burlington, VT
216975 Polycom ISX309 Immersive VIdeo RoomImmersive Video Room 1 Austin, Texas
216974 Polycom, Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio ISX321 1 Santa Clara, California
221451 Polyethelene film in 1000ft rollsNew-Never Used 121 F* Hemlock, Michigan
222037 Resistograph Moisture Measurement Probe (07/07) Good 1 F* Nashville, Tennessee
208156 Royal Sovereign RSL-2702Laminator 1 Malta, New York
221007 Semax Parts Cleaning ToolVery Good2000 1 Villach, Carinthia
221078 SHINKAWA Ltd UTC-1000100-127Good2003 2 58,637.48 Batam, Riau Islands
221081 SHINKAWA Ltd UTC-1000100-127Good2004 2 58,637.48 Batam, Riau Islands
221079 SHINKAWA Ltd UTC-1000S100-127Good2006 2 11,727.50 Batam, Riau Islands
221080 SHINKAWA Ltd UTC-1000S100-127Good2006 2 11,727.50 Batam, Riau Islands
221082 SHINKAWA Ltd UTC-2000100-127Good2006 3 11,727.50 Batam, Riau Islands
221083 SHINKAWA Ltd UTC-2000S100-127Good2009 1 9,382.00 Batam, Riau Islands
183767 Sonicar TS-12047HCBest Chemical Ultrasonic Degreaser 1 Singapore
191513 Sonicor Instruments TS-2404/402424HUltrasonic Cleaner 1 Singapore
207356 SPEA TesterPoor2004 4 68,404.02 Regensburg, Bavaria
182280 Suss MicroTec HVMMFTAutomatic Injection Molded Solder Mold Filling ... 1 East Fishkill, NY
182306 Suss MicroTec HVMMFT, Mold Fill Tool, 300mm, C4, automated injection molded solder mold filling ... 1 Fishkill, NY
220881 TECHNIC Future Autom SP1000-1-A2:A2 PlatingA2 Plating Equipment3803 PhaseVery Good2010 1 469,099.81 Batam, Riau Islands
203083 Tel RLSA-H Chambers4 RLSA-H Chambers, for Tactras Mainframe2011 1 Malta, New York
204309 Tel Tactrus NCCPGate Etch2010 1 Malta, New York
215845 True Refrigerator S-72-SCI-HC Model No. TS-72-SCI-HC Running. 1 Burlington, Vermont
215846 True Refrigerator TS-72-SCI-HCPhotoresist refrigerator storage 1 Burlington, Vermont
220879 UCT TECHNOLOGY PTE.L UCT-CDWJ-600/800-D2:CHEMICAL DEFLASH SYSTEMChemical Deflashing equipment3803 PhaseFair2011 1 Batam, Riau Islands
209408 Wentworth Labs 0-023-0021WENTWORTH 6" PROBE STATION/ WAFER PROBER MITUTO...Good1995 1 Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
210047 Wilt Industries 4106Belt Sander 1 F* Burlington, Vermont

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Items and Mixed Lots:
Air Liquide, Akrion, Applied Materials Inc., ASM Technologies, Autoclean, BESI, BESI Holland, BESI Meco Equipment Engineers B.V, BESI Netherland, BESI Switzerland, Control Air, Dow Corning, DuPont Teijin Films, ECA ADVANCE AUTOMATION, Empire Cleaning, ESA ELECTRONICS PTE , Hall Tank Co. , KINIK, Kurita Water Systems, Litrolin, Megakinetics, Micro Control Co., MKS Instruments, Inc., Packaging Systems, Pillar, Polycom, Royal Sovereign, SHINKAWA Ltd, Sonicar, Sonicor Instruments, Suss MicroTec, TECHNIC Future Automation Pte Ltd, Tel, True Refrigerator, UCT TECHNOLOGY PTE.L, Wentworth Labs, Wilt Industries