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 Parts for Air/Gas Compressors - Other  in Parts for Air and Gas Compressors  (no items)

 Parts Retrieval Systems  in Storage-Retrieval Systems  (no items)

 Parts Washers  in Facilities Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment  (no items)

 Passenger Cars  in Automobiles  (no items)

 Passenger transport helicopters  in Aircraft  (no items)

 Pattern Generator  in Generators  (no items)

 Pattern Generators  in Optical Mask Generation Tools  (no items)

 Patterned Wafer Inspection  in Surface Inspection  (5)

 PC Speakers  in Audio Peripherals  (no items)

 PC Video Cameras  in Video Peripherals  (no items)

 PCB Chip Shooters  in PCB Component Placement Equipment  (no items)

 PCB Glue Dispensers  in PCB Soldering and Desoldering Equipment  (no items)

 PCB Lead Formers  in Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Equipment  (no items)

 PCB Solder Printers  in PCB Soldering and Desoldering Equipment  (no items)

 PDA Comp Shop Devices  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 Pebble Mills  in Mills  (no items)

 Pedestal Changeable Letter System  in Changeable Letter Systems  (no items)

 Pedestal Cranes  in Fixed Position Cranes  (no items)

 Pedestals  in Hardlines Fixtures  (no items)

 Pellet Blender  in Pellet Processing Equipment  (no items)

 Pellet Mill  in Pellet Processing Equipment  (no items)

 Pellet Mills  in Mills  (no items)

 Pelletizer  in Pellet Processing Equipment  (no items)

 Personal Computer Subsystems and Components  in Personal Computers  (no items)

 Personal Scooters  in Personal Mobility Equipment and Vehicles  (no items)

 Petroleum Tanker Trailers  in Tanker Trailers  (no items)

 pH Meters  in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment  (no items)

 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment - Other  in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment  (no items)

 Photoresist Curing Tools  in Photoresist Tools  (no items)

 Photoresist Prime Tools  in Photoresist Tools  (no items)

 Physical Vapor Deposition Chamber Components  in Chamber Components  (no items)

 Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment  in Deposition Equipment  (no items)

 Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment - Other  in Deposition Equipment  (no items)

 Physical Vapor Deposition Kit Components  in Process Kit Components  (no items)

 Pick and Place Machines  in Assembly Robotics  (no items)

 Pin Mills  in Mills  (no items)

 Pinch Rolls  in Bending Machines  (no items)

 PIND Testers  in Assembly Test  (no items)

 Pipe & Tube Welders  in Welders  (no items)

 Pipe Fittings  in Fittings  (no items)

 Pipe Flanges & Fittings  in Pumps, Pipes, Valves  (no items)

 Pipe, Valves & Fittings, in Lots  in Pipeline Equipment and Supplies  (no items)

 Pipeline Heaters  in Heaters  (no items)

 Pipettes  in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment  (no items)

 Piping  in Pumps, Pipes, Valves  (no items)

 Pirani Gauge Controllers  in Vacuum Gauge Controllers  (no items)

 Pirani Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (no items)

 Piston Fillers  in Food Fillers  (no items)

 Pizza Ovens  in Cooking Ovens  (no items)

 Plain Cylindrical Grinders  in Cylindrical Grinders  (no items)

 Plain Horizontal Millers  in Horizontal Millers  (no items)

 Plant Equipment - Other  in Gas Plant Equipment  (no items)

 Plants, Oil & Gas  in Oil & Gas Industry Equipment  (no items)

 Plasma Cleaning  in Plasma Processing Equipment  (no items)

 Plasma Deposition Equipment - Other  in Plasma Deposition Equipment  (no items)

 Plasma Processing Equipment and Tools - Other  in Plasma Processing Equipment  (46)

 Plasma Welders  in Welders  (no items)

 Plastics Equipment - Other  in Downstream and Other Plastics Equipment  (8)

 Plate & Frame Filters  in Filters  (no items)

 Plate & Frame Filters  in Air Filters  (no items)

 Plate Evaporators  in Evaporators  (no items)

 Plate Freezers  in Food Freezing Equipment  (no items)

 Plate Heat Exchangers  in Heat Exchangers  (no items)

 Plate Incubators  in Incubators  (no items)

 Plate Processors  in Mask & Reticle Manufacturing Equipment  (no items)

 Platen Presses  in Laboratory Equipment  (no items)

 Platform Freight Elevators  in Elevators  (no items)

 Platform Lifters  in Lifters and Hoists  (no items)

 Platform Scales  in Scales, Production Line  (no items)

 Platforms  in Offshore Facilities and Vehicles  (no items)

 Plotter Paper, Rolls  in Printer/Plotter Supplies  (no items)

 Plotters, Desktop  in Printers  (no items)

 Plotters, Reel-Reel  in Printers and Plotters  (1)

 Pneumatic Conveyors  in Conveyors  (no items)

 Pneumatic Presses  in Presses  (no items)

 Pneumatic Valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Point-of-Sale Security (POSSI)  in Closed Circuit Television Systems and Components  (no items)

 Polarimeters  in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment  (no items)

 Poletop Switches  in Power Distribution  (no items)

 Polishers  in Food Processing and Handling Equipment  (no items)

 Polishing & Grinding Sample Prep Equipment  in Sample Preparation  (4)

 Polishing Equipment - Other  in Sample Preparation  (no items)

 Poly/Nitride Etchers  in Single Chamber Plasma Tools  (no items)

 Polymer Tanks  in Tanks  (no items)

 Pop Coolers  in Coolers  (no items)

 Popcorn Machines  in Food Prep Equipment  (no items)

 PopUp Toasters  in Toasters  (no items)

 Port Replicators  in Network Connection  (no items)

 Portable (Hip) Printers  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 Portable Data Terminals (PDTs)  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 Portable Gravity Expandable Conveyors  in Portable Conveyors  (no items)

 Portable Powered Expandable Conveyors  in Portable Conveyors  (no items)

 Portable Welders  in Welders  (no items)

 POS Built-in Scanners  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 POS Displays  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 POS Equipment - Other  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 POS Flat Bed Scanners  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 POS Hand Held Scanners  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 Positional Sensors  in Sensors  (no items)

 Positioning Controllers  in Positioning Equipment  (no items)

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under ALL CATEGORIES:
Accretech, Advantest, Agilent Technologies, Akrion, Amerimade Technologies, Applied Materials Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., ASM, ASML, Aviza Technology Ltd., Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Blue M, Brewer Science, Buehler, Canon Anelva, Chester Jensen, Cymer, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., Dedietrich, DISCO CORPORATION, DNS, Ebara, ECI Technology, EVG, FEI, Fico Netherlands, Fisher Scientific, FSI, GEA, GEMETEC, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Hitachi High-Technologies, HSEB, Hyster, Infineon Ag THA, IPEC Westech, Jackson Automation, JEOL, Kashiyama, Keithley, Keithley Instruments, KEM, KLA-Tencor, Kokusai, LAM, LAM Research Corp., LTX, Manufacturing Integration, Mattson Technology, Micro Control Co., Miller, MKS Instruments, Inc., Mosaid, Motorola Lighting , Mühlbauer, Nikon, Novellus Systems, Prometrix, PSK, QUALITAU, Quintel, RECIF Technologies, Revera, Rigaku, rofin-baasel, Rorze, Rudolph Technologies, Inc., SANKYO, Semitool, Shibaura, Shinkawa, Sikama International, Incorporated, Silicon Valley Group, Sokudo, Sopra, Steag Hamatech, Steag-Mattson, Suss MicroTec, Tamadenshi, Tel, THA Germany, Therma-Wave, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Tokyo Semitsu Kogaku, Toyota, Ultratech, Inc., Ulvac, Unaxis, USHIO, Inc., Varian, Webco, WENESCO, Wentworth Labs, Westech, Westinghouse, Woods, Yale, Zeiss