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 Earth Stations, Mobile  in Space Communications Equipment  (no items)

 Echo Cancellers  in Voice Processing Equipment  (no items)

 Edge Finishers  in Printed Circuit Board Drills and Routers  (no items)

 Edge Grinders  in Grinders  (no items)

 Effluent Processing and Abatement Equipment  in Process Gas & Chemical Handling Equipment  (no items)

 Eight Shelf Michigan Carts  in Michigan Carts  (no items)

 Electric Brakes  in Power Generation  (no items)

 Electric Defrost Evaporator Coils  in Evaporator Coils  (no items)

 Electric Furnace 60 Cycle 3 Phase Transformers  in 60 Cycle 3 Phase Transformers  (no items)

 Electric Heated Ovens  in Process Heating and Cooling Equipment  (no items)

 Electric Ladders  in Personal Mobility Equipment and Vehicles  (no items)

 Electric Motors - Other  in Other Motors  (1)

 Electric Power Equipment - Other  in Electric Power Industry Equipment  (no items)

 Electric Rethermalizers  in Food Prep Equipment  (no items)

 Electric Wire & Cable - Other  in Electrical Wire & Cable  (no items)

 Electrical and Electronic Components - Other  in Electrical and Electronic Components  (no items)

 Electrical Connectors  in Wiring/Interconnect  (no items)

 Electrical Equipment & Supplies - Other  in Electrical Equipment  (2)

 Electrical Power Generation Equipment - Other  in Power Generation  (no items)

 Electro Mechanical  in Tensile & Compression  (no items)

 Electrodynamic Shakers  in Vibration/Shock  (no items)

 Electron Beam Evaporators  in Deposition Equipment  (no items)

 Electron Beam Mask Generation Tools  in Mask & Reticle Manufacturing Equipment  (no items)

 Electron Beam Power Supply  in Power Supplies  (no items)

 Electron Beam Welders  in Welders  (no items)

 Electronic Loads  in Power Supplies  (no items)

 Electrophoresis Equipment  in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment  (no items)

 Elevator Motors  in Mid-size Special Purpose Electric Motors  (no items)

 Ellipsometers  in Film Thickness Testers  (no items)

 Emulsifiers  in Food Processing and Handling Equipment  (no items)

 Enclosed Trailers, Not Temperature-controlled  in Enclosed Trailers  (no items)

 End Caps  in Gondola Equipment  (no items)

 Enrobers  in Confectionary Equipment  (no items)

 Epitaxial Cluster Tools  in Epitaxial Reactors  (1)

 Equipment Cabinet  in Other Retail Furniture and Fixtures  (no items)

 ESD Testers  in Failure Analysis Test Instruments  (no items)

 Etch Chamber Components  in Chamber Components  (no items)

 Etch Process Kit Components  in Process Kit Components  (no items)

 Etchers - Other  in Single Chamber Plasma Tools  (no items)

 Evaporators - Other  in Evaporators  (no items)

 Executive Desks  in Desks  (no items)

 Exterior Equipment - Other  in Exterior Equipment  (no items)

 Extruder Barrels  in Extruder Components  (no items)

 Extruder Dies  in Extruder Components  (no items)

 Extruder Screws  in Extruder Components  (no items)

 Extruders - Other  in Extruders  (no items)

 Extruders, Chemical  in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment  (no items)

 Eye Benders  in Benders  (no items)

 Eyepieces  in Parts and Accessories, Microscope  (no items)

 Facilities Maintenance & Cleaning Equipmen - Other  in Facilities Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment  (no items)

 Failure Analysis Test Instruments - Other  in Failure Analysis Test Instruments  (2)

 Fans  in Air Moving & Blowing Equipment  (no items)

 Fans  in Stockroom Equipment/Fixtures  (no items)

 Fans & Blowers  in Small Special Purpose Motors  (no items)

 Fax Machines  in Office Machines (excluding Computers)  (no items)

 Feeders - Other  in Feeders  (1)

 Feeders, Chemical  in Feeders, Pharmaceutical  (no items)

 Fermenters  in Cooking Equipment  (no items)

 Fermentors, Laboratory  in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Bundles  in Fiber Optic Illuminators  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Cleavers  in Fiber Cutting and Splicing Equipment  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Equipment - Other  in Fiber Optic Equipment  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Light Sources  in Optical / Photonic Equipment  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Light Sources  in Fiber Optic Illuminators  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Splicers  in Fiber Cutting and Splicing Equipment  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Switches  in Fiber Optic Equipment  (no items)

 Fiberglass Tanks  in Tanks  (no items)

 Fibers Equipment  in Chemical Process Equipment  (no items)

 Filament Line  in Downstream and Other Plastics Equipment  (no items)

 Filing Cabinets  in Office Furniture and Fixtures  (no items)

 Film Thickness Testers - Other  in Film Thickness Testers  (no items)

 Film/Foil Bonding Systems  in PCB Bonding Systems  (no items)

 Film/Wafer Mounters  in Dicing Tools  (no items)

 Filters - Other  in Filters  (no items)

 Fin Fans  in Gas Plant Equipment  (no items)

 Finishing Washers - Countersunk  in Washers  (no items)

 Fire Pumps  in Special Purpose Liquid Pumps  (no items)

 Firetube Boilers  in Boilers  (no items)

 Firetube Boilers  in Boilers  (no items)

 Fitting Room Fixtures  in Softlines Fixtures  (no items)

 Fittings - Other  in Fittings  (no items)

 Flash Bake Ovens  in Cooking Ovens  (no items)

 Flash Drives  in Data Storage Components  (no items)

 Flat Belts  in Drive Belts  (no items)

 Flat Grinders  in Grinders  (no items)

 Flat Panel Displays  in Monitors and Displays  (no items)

 Flat Washers  in Washers  (no items)

 Flatbed Trailers  in Truck Trailers  (no items)

 Flexible Conveyors  in Conveyors  (no items)

 Float Valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Floor Lamps  in Lighting  (no items)

 Floor Shelf Systems  in Shelf Systems  (no items)

 Floor Showcases  in Showcases  (no items)

 Floor Tracked Conveyors  in Conveyors  (no items)

 Floor-standing Mixers  in Mixers  (no items)

 Floppy Drives  in Data Storage Components  (no items)

 Flow Gauges  in Gauges  (no items)

 Flow Meters  in Instrumentation  (no items)

 Fluid Bed Coolers  in Dryers  (no items)

 Fluid Bed Dryers  in Dryers  (no items)

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under ALL CATEGORIES:
Accretech, Advantest, Agilent Technologies, Akrion, Amerimade Technologies, Applied Materials Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., ASM, ASML, Autoclean, Aviza Technology Ltd., Axcelis Technologies GmbH, AXIDEN, Blue M, Bodijn, Brewer Science, brimrose, Buehler, Canon Anelva, Chester Jensen, Cymer, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., DCS Systems, DDS Development, DISCO CORPORATION, DNS, E.A. Fischione Instr, Ebara, EVG, FEI, Fico Netherlands, Fisher Scientific, FSI, GEA, GEMETEC, Hall Tank Co. , Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, HSEB, Hyster, Infineon Ag THA, IPG Micro, Jackson Automation, JEOL, Kashiyama, Keithley, Keithley Instruments, KEM, KLA-Tencor, Kokusai, LAM, LAM Research Corp., Lasertech, Levitech, LTX, Manufacturing Integration, MASS-PCB, Mega Kinetics, MGI Middlesex General Industries, Micro Control Co., MKS Instruments, Inc., Mosaid, Motorola Lighting , Mühlbauer, Nikon, Novellus Systems, Park Systems Inc, PowerPak, Prometrix, PSK, QUALITAU, RECIF Technologies, Revera, Rigaku, rofin-baasel, Rorze, Rudolph Technologies, Inc., SANKYO, SemiProbe, Semitool, Shibaura, Shinkawa, Sikama International, Incorporated, Silicon Valley Group, Sokudo, SOLVISION, Sonicar, Suss MicroTec, Tamadenshi, Tel, THA Germany, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Ulvac, VLSI Standards, Webco, WENESCO, Wentworth Labs, Westech, Zeiss