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 Capacitance Gauge Controllers  in Vacuum Gauge Controllers  (no items)

 Capacitance Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (no items)

 Capacitors  in Discrete Electronic Components  (no items)

 Cappers  in Bottling Equipment  (no items)

 Carbon Steel Tanks  in Tanks  (no items)

 Cardboard Balers  in Balers  (no items)

 Cargo transport helicopters  in Aircraft  (no items)

 Cart Corrals  in Exterior Equipment  (no items)

 Cart Pushers  in Exterior Equipment  (no items)

 Cartoners - Other  in Cartoners  (1)

 Cartridge Filters  in Air Filters  (no items)

 Cartridge Filters  in Filters  (1)

 Cartridge Heaters  in Heaters  (no items)

 Case Compactors  in Case Handling Machinery  (no items)

 Case Erectors  in Case Handling Machinery  (1)

 Case Packers  in Case Handling Machinery  (1)

 Case Printers/Coders  in Case Handling Machinery  (no items)

 Case Tapers  in Case Handling Machinery  (no items)

 Cash Office Equipment - Other  in Cash Office Equipment  (no items)

 Cash Registers  in POS Equipment  (no items)

 Casing  in Oil Country Tubular Goods & Line Pipe  (no items)

 CCTV Equipment - Other  in Closed Circuit Television Systems and Components  (no items)

 CCTV Surveillance Cameras - Other  in Surveillance Cameras  (no items)

 CD Measurement - Other  in Critical Dimension Measurement Equipment  (no items)

 CD-ROM Drives  in Data Storage Components  (no items)

 CD-ROM Jukeboxes  in Data Storage Systems  (no items)

 Ceiling Lighting Fixtures  in Lighting  (no items)

 Cell Phones  in Telephone Terminals and Handsets  (no items)

 Centerless Grinders - Other  in Centerless Grinders  (no items)

 Centerless Grinders Accessories  in Centerless Grinders  (no items)

 Centrifugal Air Compressors  in Large-Scale Air Compressors  (no items)

 Centrifugal Multi-stage Gas Compressors  in Natural Gas Compressors  (no items)

 Centrifugal Pumps  in Water Pumps  (2)

 Centrifugal Sifters  in Sifters  (no items)

 Centrifugal Single-stage Gas Compressors  in Natural Gas Compressors  (no items)

 Centrifuges  in Production Process Equipment  (no items)

 Chamber Components - Other  in Chamber Components  (no items)

 Chambers - Other  in Environmental & Temperature Test Chambers  (no items)

 Chaser Lights  in Lighting Systems and Components  (no items)

 Check Encoders  in Cash Office Equipment  (no items)

 Check Valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Check Weighers  in Packaging and Item Processing Equipment  (1)

 Checklanes  in Other Retail Furniture and Fixtures  (no items)

 Chemical Fume Hoods  in Cleaning and Degreasing Equipment  (2)

 Chemical Handling Equipment - Other  in Chemical Handling Equipment  (no items)

 Chemical Process Equipment - Other  in Chemical Process Equipment  (no items)

 Chemical Vapor Deposition Chamber Components  in Chamber Components  (no items)

 Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment - Other  in Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment  (15)

 Chemical Vapor Deposition Kit Components  in Process Kit Components  (no items)

 Chemical/Mechanical Polishing Chamber Components  in Chamber Components  (no items)

 Chemical/Mechanical Polishing Kit Components  in Process Kit Components  (no items)

 Chillers  in Gas Plant Equipment  (2)

 Chilsonators  in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment  (no items)

 Chip Separators  in Separators  (no items)

 Chocolate Processing Equipment - Other  in Confectionary Equipment  (no items)

 Chromatograph Detectors  in Chromatographs  (no items)

 Chrome Rounders  in Softlines Fixtures  (no items)

 Chucking Grinders  in Grinders  (no items)

 Circuit Breakers  in Electrical and Electronic Components  (no items)

 Circumferential Seam Welders  in Seam Welders  (no items)

 Clean Room Equipment - Other  in Clean Room Equipment  (13)

 Clean Room Furniture & Fixtures  in Clean Room Equipment  (no items)

 Clean Room Ovens  in Heat Treating Equipment  (6)

 Close Coupled Pumps  in Mid-size Special Purpose Electric Motors  (no items)

 Cluster PECVD Tools  in Production Tools  (1)

 Cluster Plasma Tools - Metal  in Cluster Plasma Tools  (no items)

 Cluster Plasma Tools - Other  in Cluster Plasma Tools  (no items)

 Cluster Plasma Tools - Oxide  in Cluster Plasma Tools  (5)

 Cluster Plasma Tools - Poly/Nitride  in Cluster Plasma Tools  (1)

 Cluster Plasma Tools - Silicon  in Cluster Plasma Tools  (1)

 Cluster Plasma Tools - Tungtsten  in Cluster Plasma Tools  (no items)

 Cluster Sputtering Tools  in Single Wafer Sputtering Tools  (no items)

 CMOS Latch-up Testers  in Failure Analysis Test Instruments  (no items)

 CMP Polishers  in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Equipment  (2)

 CNC Angle Head Plain Cylindrical Grinders  in Angle Head Plain Cylindrical Grinders  (no items)

 CNC Bar Lathes  in Lathes  (no items)

 CNC Benders  in Pipe, Tube & Bar Benders  (no items)

 CNC Centerless Grinders  in Centerless Grinders  (no items)

 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines  in Coordinate Measuring Machines  (no items)

 CNC Cylindrical Grinders  in Cylindrical Grinders  (no items)

 CNC Engine (Shaft) Lathes  in Engine Lathes  (no items)

 CNC Horizontal Millers  in Horizontal Millers  (no items)

 CNC Power Squaring Shears  in Shears  (no items)

 CNC Press Brakes  in Press Brakes  (no items)

 CNC Single End Punches  in Punches  (no items)

 CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders  in Tool & Cutter Grinders  (no items)

 CNC Turret Punches  in Punches  (no items)

 CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinders  in Universal Cylindrical Grinders  (no items)

 CNC Universal Millers  in Universal Millers  (no items)

 CO2 Lasers  in Lasers  (no items)

 CO2 Equipment - Other  in CO2 Equipment  (no items)

 CO2 Incubators  in Incubators  (no items)

 Coaches  in Busses  (no items)

 Coaters/Laminators  in Film Line Equipment  (no items)

 Coating Pans, Pharmaceutical  in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment  (no items)

 Coffee / Cappuccino Machines  in Hot Beverage Dispensers  (no items)

 Coffee Brewer  in Hot Beverage Dispensers  (no items)

 Cold Box  in Gas Plant Equipment  (no items)

 Cold Cathode Gauge Controllers  in Vacuum Gauge Controllers  (no items)

 Cold Cathode Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (no items)

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under ALL CATEGORIES:
Accretech, Advantest, Agilent Technologies, Akrion, Amerimade Technologies, Applied Materials Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., ASM, ASML, Aviza Technology Ltd., Axcelis Technologies GmbH, AXIDEN, Binder Precision, Blue M, Brewer Science, Buehler, Canon Anelva, Chester Jensen, Cressington, Cymer, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., DCS Systems, DDS Development, Dedietrich, DISCO CORPORATION, DNS, Ebara, EVG, FEI, Fico Netherlands, Fisher Scientific, FSI, FSM, GEA, GEMETEC, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, HSEB, Hyster, Infineon Ag THA, IPG Micro, Jackson Automation, JEOL, Kashiyama, Keithley, Keithley Instruments, KEM, KLA-Tencor, Kokusai, Kynergy, LAM, LAM Research Corp., Lasertech, Lesker, Levitech, LTX, Manufacturing Integration, Mattson Technology, Micro Control Co., Miller, MKS Instruments, Inc., Mosaid, Motorola Lighting , Mühlbauer, Nikon, Novellus Systems, Pan Abrasives, Picosun, Prometrix, PSK, QUALITAU, RECIF Technologies, Revera, Rigaku, rofin-baasel, Rorze, Rudolph Technologies, Inc., SANKYO, Semilab, Shibaura, Shinkawa, Sikama International, Incorporated, Silicon Valley Group, Sokudo, SOLVISION, Sonicor Instruments, Suss MicroTec, Takatori, Tamadenshi, Tel, THA Germany, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Ulvac, VLSI Standards, Webco, WENESCO, Wentworth Labs, Westech, Zeiss