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CheckPoint, InfraScanTDM 300 TDE, Laser Scanning Emisson

CheckPoint, InfraScanTDM  300 TDE, Laser Scanning Emisson

 The system is comprised of the following:
1 InfraScan 300 TDE Laser Probing / Emission System
Includes the following assemblies:
* LSM 300 scanner with integrated emission camera port;
* CCD camera for sample navigation with separate display;
* 5-position motorized turret;
* X, Y, Z motorized movement of LSM assembly;
* PC with digitizer, Windows XP, Proscan 2000 Acquisition Software;
* Moveable Operator Console, with  flat panel displays, Semi S8 compliant;
* SLS-1000 1064 nm 300 mW
* SLS-1000 1319 nm 350 mW
* ASP-1000 3A Amplifier source package
* Laser power adjustment, 0 to 100%, with incident power monitoring for all objectives;
* Dark chamber with laser safety interlock, Class I (with service override), vibration isolation
* User’s manual.
Emission Camera Options
LN2 cooled 640 x 640 array 18 ?m pixels.
LN2 Auto-fill system with two (2) 160 L Dewars
InfraScan™ LTM 9Hz laser timing module. Includes the following:
9 GHz laser timing module
Digital Oscilloscope 12.5 GHz Bandwidth
Electronic Spectrum Analyzer
APD and electronic amplifier
High power/ high stability laser for timing stimulus
Objective Options
5X NIR, Mitutoyo 378-822
20X IR Plan Apo, NA 0.5, Seiwa
50X IR Plan Apo, NA 0.6, Seiwa
100X NIR HR Mitutoyo 378-864-5
1X Macro Lens

Specifications and Features:
LSM 300/Optics-
Optimized for high transmission at 1064nm and 1340nm.
* T => 100mW at 1064nm 5X objective; T =>300mW at 1340nm 5X objective
Image distortion <2%, 2X slow scan.
Spot size 0.61?/NA of objective.
* Scan rate 310 lines/sec to 2 sec/line.
Field of view with 5X objective at 1X zoom: 3.2mm.
Optical zoom range 1X to 8X (scanned field).
* Image registration better than 2% for various wavelengths.
* 5-position motorized turret, non-winding,
Software settable crash protection limits for all objective lenses.
Software controlled, par-centered and parfocal objectives.
Built-in CCD camera for sample navigation with color monitor.
External sync circuit.
Computer and Inputs -
PC with 3-channel digitizer input, one for LSM imaging and two for laser stimulation methods.
Signal inputs are synchronized with LSM scan rate.
Independent Gain and Offset control for input 1 and input 2.
Scan rates adjustable from 310 lines/sec to 2048X slow to match response of DUT.
2-way communication with Knights CAD link.
SLS 1000 RD –
300mW 1064 nm linearly polarized laser
* Continuously adjustable Laser Power, from near 0% to full maximum.
Real-time, incident laser power monitoring.
Power limit feature to prevent overexposure of DUT.
FC fiber optical coupler with 3 meter PM patchcord.
ASP 1000 Amplifier-Source Package -
Source Selections:
Constant Current
Programmable Range: 0.5nA – 1A; (3A optional)
Minimum Program Step: .5nA
Constant Voltage
Programmable Range: 1uV – 10V (20V if protection diode removed)
Minimum Program Step: 1uV
Amplifier Selections:
AC Voltage Amplifier
Bias Current: .5nA - 1A; (3A optional)
Maximum Input: 10V
Input impedance: >4.7M Ohm
Maximum Gain: 120 dB
Detectability: 1 nV at full gain
Bandwidth: 0.3 to 400K Hz
High Pass Filter: .3, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1.6K, 3.2K, 6.4K, 12.8K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 200K, 400K HZ,
Low Pass Filter: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1.6K, 3.2K, 6.4K, 12.8K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 200K, 400K HZ
Output Offset Voltage: +/- 5V
DC Current Amplifier (OBIC mode)
Bias Voltage Range: 1uV - 10V
Maximum Input: 20 mA

Maximum Gain: 80 V/nA
Detectability: 1 pA at full gain
Bandwidth: DC to 400K Hz

Tool ID: MAL2400

CheckPoint, InfraScanTDM 300 TDE, Laser Scanning Emisson

Location: Malta, New York
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Check Point Technolo
Model InfraScanTDM 300 TDE
Description Laser Scanning Emisson
Extended Description  Details at MAL2400.pdf

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Deal directly with Owner:  GLOBALFOUNDRIES USED EQUIPMENT of Santa Clara, California